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Choose any size from the options above. Your quilt can range in size from 9 squares to 36 squares. We also have custom options available, if you're interested.

Pick a Color

Any color fabric can be used. All fabric is purchased from Jo-Ann Fabrics. You can even go to the store and pick out a preferred fabric, and let Michelle know what you choose if you would like. Otherwise, she will pick a fabric based on the color you would like.

Contact Michelle by Phone or E-mail

Please contact Michelle Kent directly with any questions or more details on your request. She can be reached at 315-730-3405. You can also send her an email at

Send Shirts and Payments

You will send your shirts to Michelle Kent, 8922 Jackson Street, Weedport, NY 13166. An enclosed check for the proper amount is the preferred method of payment. Be sure to add the return shipping to the cost of your quilt. NY residents must add 8% sales tax to the price of their quilt as well.
Client Testimonials

What people think of Kent Shirt Quilts

Kevin was speechless! He is asleep under it now. Thank you so much!

I absolutely LOVE my quilt! Thank you so much!!!

Drake loves his quilt, thanks so much for making it special! Wonderful Christmas present, he said thank you 10 plus times!

Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt. I could not be happier with how it came out! The quilt was a Christmas present for my mother. All the shirts were my grandfathers who passed away two years ago. My mom misses him more and more everyday, and she couldn’t see herself giving his things away. The quilt was a perfect way for her to hold onto them. She burst into tears after opening it and it hasn’t left her side since! Thank you for helping me make her Christmas so special.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Quilts Made?

Quilts are made in steps.

Step 1: All shirts will be cut into 15 inch by 15 inch squares, 16.5 by 16.5 if needed due to larger print on shirts.

Step 2: Interfacing is ironed on the back of the shirts so that they cannot stretch. You don’t want to be able to pull on your shirt and stretch it out of the quilt!

Step 3: All squares are layed out to get the best layout. The colors of the shirts, and the importance of the shirts, are the most important things in determining where the shirts will go and how the layout will be. We value your input on which shirts are most important and if you want them in a certain place on the quilt.

Step 4: The squares are then sewn together, by adding fabric between each shirt. This creates the “top” of the quilt.

Step 5: The Batting (the cushiony/fluffy part) is layed below the top of the quilt to give it a little thickness.

Step 6: The back material is placed under the batting (the fabric color you picked), so you now have the back, the batting, and the top of the quilt placed together.

Step 7: The quilt is then machine quilted to give you an extremely durable quilt.

Please see the attached handout to learn about the long arm quilting machine that is used to quilt your quilt together! It is a machine that is on a 10 foot table that can move up and down the entire length of the quilt to insert the stitches and sew it together for the entire length and width of the quilt.

What Material of Shirts Can Be Used?

Sweatshirts, mesh, cotton, and dri-fit shirts can all be used. If you can put a needle through it, it can be used!

How Many Shirts Do I Need?

Keep in mind that 2 squares may come from 1 shirt. If you have something on the front and back side of a t-shirt that you would like on the quilt, both sides can be cut into 2 separate squares.

The number of squares required to make a quilt is: 9, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, or 36 (squares can be made from fabric if needed or by piecing things together) You need to think about your quilt in terms of your total number of squares, rather than the total number of shirts, due to backsides of shirts if applicable, piecing things together, etc.

You need a minimum of 5 shirts to make a t-shirt quilt. If you can provide 5 shirts, I can make 4 squares from fabric which will give you the minimum 9 squares needed. The squares I make will be from fabric colors of you choice. See the below picture where squares were made from pink and purple fabric.

T-shirt quilts can be up to 36 squares, which would fit a king size bed. The shirts are all cut into squares, so for the quilt to come out evenly, there has to be a correct number of squares. Squares can always be made from fabric, or by piecing parts on shirts together to make a square. See the pictures below where you can see squares that were made by piecing smaller parts of shirts together. Example: If you have a small logo on the front corner of a shirt, I can cut out a bunch of small corners from different shirts and piece them together to make a square. Or, if you have things on the arms of long sleeves shirts, those can be used as well. You can see pictures below where sleeves were used where the print is written vertically on parts of the squares. Please note that custom squares are an additional $15 per square added to your quilt price due to the time and thought taken to sew them together to make the right size square.

How do I order my custom quilt?

1. All coordination can be made through e-mailing We will work out the details of having your quilt made and once I receive your shirts, your quilt will be back in the mail in 2 weeks!


2. You may set up an account on this page, select the size/# of squares you would like by picking that size and selecting “add to cart”. You will then be contacted through e-mail to finalize the details of your quilt.

Please call 315-730-3405 if you have questions!

What is the turn around time?

Quilts can be made as quickly as needed. You should typically expect a 3-4 week turnaround, but they may be done much quicker. If this will be a gift for graduation, a birthday, or a holiday, be sure you send me the shirts with enough time to get it back to you!

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